When you leave Devon to enjoy your retirement years or pursue a new opportunity, you may still have Devon-supported benefits or continued interest in the company, industry and related community involvement. The goal of the Devon Alumni section is to provide you with information and opportunities to participate that you may value.


自2017年1月1日起,德文能源公司的高级报销计划被更名LDsportsKENO快乐彩为Devon Energy Corporation 65 Pre-65退休人员医疗计划。现在,正在提供一项新的德文郡投保的小组计划,为合格的退休人员提供两种安排。请参阅下面的每个安排的亮点。

选择安排1的合格退休人员将通过私人福利交换的Mercer Marketplace参加医疗保险计划。Mercer提供各种计划选择,并提供个人帮助,以帮助您根据自己的位置,预算和个人医疗需求/偏好选择理想的承保范围。在通过Mercer Marketplace获得计划并完成所有参与要求后,Devon将以您的名义建立一个无资金的健康报销帐户(HRA),以允许该公司每月溢价的80%的80%,最大每月报销金额(MMRA)。

Below are highlights of the two arrangements:

Arrangement 1: Individual Pre-65 Plan with Premium Reimbursement

  • Individual or family plan offered by a third party insurance company.
  • You choose the available plan structure that best fits your needs.
  • Administered (including enrollment) by Mercer Marketplace; if a plan is not available for your zip code through Mercer, Devon will reimburse for plans purchased on the federal or state exchange.
  • 您将收到多达80%的每月保费的报销,这称为“ MMRA”。


  • Devon-insured group health coverage.
  • 使用大型PPO网络兼容的高脱离健康计划,HSA兼容。
  • Administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois (BCBS) with enrollment through their affiliate Blue Directions.
  • Devon subsidizes this arrangement through an offset of the applicable monthly premium using the same MMRA available for Arrangement 1.


Devon Employee:

  • 55岁或以上的终止就业*持续服务10多年。
  • Must have been covered by the active employee medical plan at time of termination.
  • Cannot be eligible for Medicare due to age or disability.


  • Must be the legal spouse of a former Devon employee who terminated employment at age 55 or older with 10+ years of continuous service.
  • Must have been covered by the active employee medical plan on the Devon employee's employment termination date.
  • Cannot be eligible for Medicare due to age or disability.

Dependent Children:

  • Coverage for dependent children is governed by the terms of the policy or policies for which you enroll. Dependent children do not generate a reimbursement from Devon.

The MMRA is determined by the retiree participant's years of continuous service and age at employment termination. The MMRA for an eligible spouse is determined by the retiree participant's years of continuous service and the spouse's age on the retiree participant's employment termination date.

Under Arrangement 1, Devon will reimburse 80 percent of your monthly premium for a health insurance plan obtained through Mercer Marketplace up to a maximum Monthly Reimbursement Amount (MMRA).

Under Arrangement 2, Devon subsidizes this arrangement through an offset of the applicable monthly premium using the same MMRA available for Arrangement 1.


Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) - Arrangement 1 only
Once you obtain a health plan through Mercer Marketplace and complete the remaining requirements to participate in the plan, Devon will establish an unfunded, tax-advantaged HRA for you. Please review the following important details about this account.


  • One account owned by the Retiree Participant until death. At death, eligible surviving spouse becomes owner.
  • 申请报销必须团体ned by the Retiree Participant or surviving spouse.
  • 德文郡将在收到报销请求时用MMRA资金向您的HRA报销。

Covered Expenses:

  • Up to 80% of premiums for a health insurance plan obtained through Mercer Marketplace (excludes dental and vision).

Rollover Rules:

  • None. Your HRA is a notional account with no specific funds set aside on your behalf to create a balance in the account. There is no funding until reimbursement.

Reimbursement Requests:

  • 日历年中产生的支付费用的报销请求必须在第二年的3月31日或之前提交。

For questions about the Devon Pre-65 Retiree Medical Plan, contact HRConnect athrconnect@dvn.comor (855) 810-3555.



COBRA Coverage

Coverage Up to 18 Months
Qualifying Event:

  • Your employment ends
  • A reduction in your hours worked causes loss of coverage

Coverage Up to 29 Months
Qualifying Event:

  • If you or anyone in your family is disabled and you notify the plan administrator within 60 days of disability determination and before the end of the original 18-month period, you and your dependents may be entitled to receive up to an additional 11 months of coverage.

Coverage Up to 36 Months
Qualifying Event:

  • You divorce or legally separate
  • You become entitled to Medicare (For this purpose, “entitled” means the effective date of enrollment in either Medicare Part A or B, whichever occurs earlier. It does not mean eligibility to enroll)
  • Your child is no longer eligible for dependent coverage
  • You die

Be Advised: Removing a dependent from coverage during an open enrollment period is not a qualifying event and that dependent would not be eligible to receive COBRA.

Other Coverage Options

Other health care benefits that may be available at a lower cost based on loss of coverage include:

  • 如果您已婚,并且您的配偶的雇主提供承保范围,他/她可以让您和任何其他合格的家属入学。
  • If you are under age 26, a parent can add you to his/her employer plan. Your dependents would not be eligible for coverage on a parent’s plan.
  • You can choose a plan from the government healthcare exchange atwww.healthcare.gov

Health Savings Account (HSA)


Enrolled in Medicare

  • Continue investing for future growth
  • 支付合格的医疗费用(see IRS Publication 502
  • Pay for Medicare premiums if you are 65 or older (does not apply to Medicare supplemental policies)
  • Pay for long-term care insurance premiums (subject limits outlined in the instructions for Schedule A of IRS Form 1040)
  • 汇总或将HSA资产转移到另一个HSA帐户(在Fidelity或其他实体)

If you are disabled or age 65 or older, you can take HSA distributions for non-qualified medical expenses without incurring the additional 20 percent tax. However, these distributions will be subject to income tax.

Whether or not you are continuing to work (for yourself or another employer) after leaving Devon, if you are enrolled in an eligible high deductible health plan (HDHP) you can:

  • Continue making contributions up to the annual maximum (see IRS Publication 969
  • Continue investing for future growth
  • 支付合格的医疗费用(see IRS Publication 502
  • 汇总或将HSA资产转移到另一个HSA帐户(在Fidelity或其他实体)

Enrolled in anIneligible Health Plan

  • Continue investing for future growth
  • 支付合格的医疗费用(see IRS Publication 502
  • 汇总或将HSA资产转移到另一个HSA帐户(在Fidelity或其他实体)

HSA Administrator


Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you were enrolled in an FSA when you left Devon, you have until March 31 of the following year to submit your claims for eligible expenses incurred up to your last day of work. You cannot submit claims for expenses incurred after your employment ended. Any FSA funds remaining after the reimbursement period ends will be forfeited.

Life and AD&D Insurance


Life Conversion
生命转换是终身寿险guaranteed cash value and a guaranteed death benefit for the lifetime of the insured. It is the more costly option, but is a viable alternative if you do not meet the requirements for the Portability option and may have difficulty securing life insurance elsewhere.

The Portability option is a term life policy with no cash value. You may only elect the Portability option if you had optional life insurance. You are not eligible for this option if you are retiring or disabled.

You must contact Prudential directly at 877-889-2070 to convert your policy.

Long-term Disability

If you left Devon due to disability and have met the eligibility qualifications for long-term disability benefits, your maximum period of payment (as long as you continue to meet the terms outlined in the plan documents) is:

Your Age on Date Disability Begins

Your Maximum Period of Benefits

Under age 61

To your normal retirement age*, but not less than 60 months

Age 61

To your normal retirement age*, but not less than 48 months

Age 62

To your normal retirement age*, but not less than 42 months

Age 63

To your normal retirement age*, but not less than 36 months

Age 64

To your normal retirement age*, but not less than 30 months

Age 65

24 months

Age 66

21 months

Age 67

18 months

Age 68

15 months

Age 69 and over

12 months

*Your normal retirement age is your retirement age under the Social Security Act where retirement age depends on your year of birth.

For questions about long-term disability benefits, please contact Prudential at 800-842-1718


The Well and the Doc
Oklahoma City employees who are retiring from Devon and meet the eligibility requirement can join and use The Well and also receive medical services as an Alumni Member. Review theRetiree Member Terms of UsageRetiree Terms and Conditions and Release and Waiver of Liabilityfor complete details for Well use. Contact the Doc directly to schedule appointments.


The Defined Benefit Plan (Pension Plan) was replaced on October 1, 2007 with the Company Retirement Contribution (CRC) to the 401(k) plan (Incentive Savings Plan). Unless you elected to remain a participant and have an active benefit or you elected to freeze your benefit on December 31, 2007 and receive the Company Retirement Contribution (CRC), you are not eligible for this plan. Eligible participants in the plan have a frozen benefit as of 12/31/2020. This means the benefit earned through this date is preserved and can be utilized when you leave the company.

  • Normal retirement age is 65
  • 如果您在获得10年归属服务后退休并且至少已有55岁的年龄,则可以提前退休福利
  • You can elect to start receiving your benefit following employment termination if you’ve not reached your normal or early retirement age
  • The Pension Plan can pay you a monthly benefit for life or a single lump sum (choice must be made at employment termination)
  • If you are married, the plan may also provide a benefit to your spouse should you die before or after you start receiving your pension benefit

If you have questions regarding your pension, please contact HRConnect athrconnect@dvn.comor (855) 810-3555.


  • If your total account balance was $1,000 or less, it was automatically paid to you in a single lump sum payment or paid in the form of a direct rollover at your election. An automatic distribution to you was made if you did not request a direct rollover.
  • If your total account balance was between $1,000 and $5,000, it was paid to you in a single lump-sum payment or paid in the form of a direct rollover at your election. If you do not make an election, your account was automatically rolled over to an IRA established for you in your name, and the balance is no longer part of the plan.
  • If your total account balance was more than $5,000, you had the option to:
    • Take a total distribution as a lump sum
    • Receive your account balance in equal installments for any period less than the life expectancy of you and your beneficiaries
    • Have your account directly rolled over into another eligible retirement plan
    • 离开的平衡计划(如果你在任何时候choose to remove your balance from the plan, you cannot rejoin the plan unless you return to Devon as an active employee and meet all eligibility requirements


We are always looking for knowledgeable mentors who are willing to share their experiences and help our young professionals develop in their careers. If you’d be interested in a mentoring opportunity, emailmentoring@dvn.com

Campus Recruiting
Devon seeks out the best and the brightest for our internship program each year. We welcome Devon alumni with university insights or resources who would like to help us in that effort to emailcampusrecruiting@dvn.com

If you are interested in returning to work for Devon, you can either提交您的申请for a posted position that interests you, or Devon retirees can emailretireejobs@dvn.com告知我们的人才获取团队,了解您所需的感兴趣领域和/或工作安排。

In the Community
Community service and volunteerism are at the heart of Devon's corporate values. Devon is committed to being a good neighbor and applauds the volunteer efforts of our employees and alumni in the communities where we live and operate. Devon has built long-standing relationships with the United Way and with local food banks and pantries in these areas. If you would like to volunteer with your local United Way or food bank/pantry, use the links below to find opportunities in your area.

United Way
Volunteer in Oklahoma City

Find Your United Way

Food Bank
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Find Your Local Food Bank

ESCCO (Executive Service Corps of Central Oklahoma)
由有远见的领导者于1995年创立,他们决定在整个公司,公民和学术世界中都存在于俄克拉荷马州中部的商业大脑信任,如果受到利用,可以极大地为非营利性社区服务。ESCCO志愿顾问向非营利组织提供专业管理咨询服务。访问www.escco-online.orgto learn more about ESCCO and how you may be able to help.

Devon Community Relations
Devon alumni interested in participating in a Devon-sponsored volunteer event should emailCommunity.Relations@dvn.com

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