Devon does not pre-qualify contractors. In order to become a Devon contractor, you must be awarded work by Devon. If selected, you will be required to meet Devon's minimum qualification requirements which may include signing an agreement, providing insurance, and meeting Devon’s environmental, health and safety (EHS) requirements. Currently, Devon usesVeriforceto track EHS information.

How can I see if my company is already on Devon’s Approved Supplier List?

请完成并提交Contact Us Form


请完成并提交Contact Us Form。You may be required to provide proof of employment with your company before an agreement copy is released to you.


请完成并提交Contact Us Form




这取决于您完成德文郡的要求的速度。如果您的公司不需要签署协议,提供保险或订阅Veriforce,然后平均设置时间为两到三个工作日。如果您的公司需要签署协议,请提供保险或订阅Veriforce, then it takes approximately two to three weeks to be set up as an approved.

Can I work for Devon before I am approved?

No. It is Devon Policy to use only contractors that have completed the supplier qualification process and are approved.

How long do I have to return the necessary documents to become an approved supplier?


How do I notify Devon of an address and/or remittance change?

请完成Contact Us Formto notify us of the changes.

How do I notify Devon of a company name change?


Attn: Procurement Administration
333 West Sheridan Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102



是的。We prefer to pay all our contractors via direct deposit/ACH. ACH payment runs are made twice weekly (excluding company holidays) and are the fastest way for you to receive payment. To receive direct deposit/ACH payments, please fill out aContact Us Form

通过Enverus Open Invoice以电子方式提交发票是否需要花费任何费用?

There is no cost or low-cost submission options through a variety of channels.

Am I required to have a rate sheet listed in Enverus Open Invoice to submit invoices?



德文郡(Devon)首选的发票提交方式是通过Enverus Open Invoice(OI)进行电子方式,这是一种易于使用的基于Web的接口。电子发票将发票周期时间减少4-8天,并为发票校正和重新提交提供最佳渠道。使用OI所需的只是一台具有Internet访问和扫描仪的计算机。为了成为电子供应商的累积,您首先需要被德文郡授予工作。一旦您获得工作授予工作,并且对如何在OI中设置有疑问,请发送电子邮件DevonDirect@dvn.com


Unless another payment term (i.e. discount payment term) has been set up for your company, payment will be made 45 days after your company's invoice has entered Devon's invoice workflow system. Please note that payment is not determined by the invoice date, service date or any other date on the invoice.


如果提交的发票通过OI年代hould review OI for your invoice status updates. For all other invoices, please call 405-228-4800。确保提供您要求的状态的公司名称和发票号码。


德文郡的标准付款条款为净45。如果您的公司希望提供折扣以获得较早的付款,请填写Contact Us Form

Do I need to send my insurance policy to Devon?



No. You or your agent must upload the certificate of insurance to your Veriforce account.


You or your agent may fax it to 888-772-4108


Attn: Insurance Management Group
333 W Sheridan Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

If I have no employees, what do I send for the Workers Compensation requirement?



Please send your state’s required form. (Ex: Wyoming Certificate of Good Standing)



, or visitwww.wyomingworkforce.org。在网站的主页中,单击“雇主”选项卡,然后选择“资源列表”的工人补偿。

My insurance certificate was rejected in Veriforce. Can I get it approved in time to start an upcoming job?

是的。将您的校正保险证书重新提交验证后,请填写Contact Us Form要求对您的保险进行快速审查。请包括您的公司名称和预期的开始日期。


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What are the benefits of subscribing to Veriforce?

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How does a Ryder carrier check invoice payment status for items they submitted to Ryder on behalf of Devon?

Ryder has an online system that carriers can use to check specific invoices, statuses, and payments information. The URL for the website iswww.ryder.com。Instructions for checking invoices can be downloadedhere


No. Currently OCTG and any equipment that can be moved on a truck are in Ryder's scope of service. Depending on the area, services such as Rig Mob and Demobilization, water movements (fresh, produced, flowback, etc.), solid movements (sand, soil farming, drill cuttings, etc.), Vacuum Truck Services, etc. may be under Ryder's scope of service. Contact with德文郡物流应该制定以确定是否应通过莱德签约或直接与德文郡合同。