Devon completes the sale of its Canadian business to Canadian Natural Resources, Ltd., for US $2.8 billion. This move is part of the company's transformation to a U.S. oil growth company.

德文郡完成出售所有权利益EnLink Midstream to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), a leading global, independent infrastructure fund manager for $3.125 billion. In conjunction with the EnLink transaction, Devon’s board of directors authorized an increase in the company’s share-repurchase program to $4 billion.

Devon finalizes major asset divestiture program with total proceeds reaching $3.2 billion. Assets sold by the company included its 50% share in Access Pipeline and non-core E&P assets in the Midland Basin, East Texas, Anadarko Basin and the Mississippian in Northern Oklahoma.

Devon completes its acquisition of Felix Energy for $1.9 billion. The transaction secures 80,000 net acres in the most economic portion of the STACK oil play in Western Oklahoma, further expanding the company’s development drilling inventory.

Devon acquires 253,000 net acres in the Powder River Basin. The acquisition significantly enhances the company’s scale and growth potential in the stacked-pay oil fairway of the basin.

Dave Hager, most recently Devon’s chief operating officer, is elected president and chief executive officer upon the retirement of John Richels.

John Richels

John Richels announces he will retire July 31, 2015. The board of directors elects Richels as board vice chairman and announces its intent for Chief Operating Officer Dave Hager to become CEO upon Richels’ retirement and for Richels to become chairman upon Larry Nichols’ retirement from the board in 2016.

德文销售在美国和加拿大的非核心资产,包括其在加拿大的常规业务。销售,对于合并十亿$ 5.1是该公司的努力,其产品组合转变为专注于石油的一部分。

In an accretive transaction for shareholders, Devon partners to form a master limited partnership (MLP) for most of the company’s U.S. midstream assets and all of the assets of Crosstex Energy. The new company is called EnLink, and Devon holds a controlling interest in both the MLP and its general partner (GP). Both entities are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


德文购买82000英亩加上现有的生产在得克萨斯州南部的鹰福特的发挥。德文郡的位置,从GeoSouthern能源$ 6十亿收购,则以该公司在北美的世界级石油戏剧之一的最好的部分。

Devon increases its quarterly cash dividend by 10 percent to 22 cents per common share.

Devon increases its quarterly cash dividend by 18 percent to 20 cents per common share.

Devon increases its quarterly cash dividend by 6 percent to 17 cents per common share.

J.拉里·尼科尔斯John RichelsChairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Nichols takes the newly created position of executive chairman. President John Richels is elected to succeed Nichols as chief executive officer.




Devon acquires the oil and gas properties of Chief Holdings LLC. The $2.2 billion transaction expands Devon's dominant position in the Barnett Shale.

Devon increases its quarterly cash dividend by 50 percent to 11.25 cents per common share.


德文启动$ 2十亿非核心物业资产剥离方案,并开始回购最多的普通股的10%。

Devon declares a two-for-one stock split and transfers its common stock listing to the New York Stock Exchange.

Devon doubles its quarterly cash dividend to $0.05 cents per common share.

Devon's $5.3 billion merger with Ocean Energy Inc. creates the largest U.S. -based independent oil and gas producer with 4,000 employees worldwide.

德文收购Mitchell能源开发总公司为$ 3.5十亿,加上多产Barnett页岩在得克萨斯州北部到其投资组合,并建立了公司作为天然气和天然气液体的领先的独立处理器。

Devon named to the Fortune 500.

安德森勘探有限公司收购了$ 4.6十亿位置德文郡作为加拿大第三大独立天然气生产商。


德文郡合并与圣达菲斯奈德公司创造了五大美国 - 基于独立。在$ 3.5十亿交易扩大Devon的国际存在。

President and CEO Larry Nichols named Chairman of the Board


在$ 2.6十亿收购PennzEnergy公司建立德文墨西哥运营商的显著近海海湾。

Employee count reaches 1,500 worldwide.

Devon acquires Northstar Energy Corporation for $750 million, creating a top 15 U.S. - based independent.

德文收购科麦奇北美陆上为$ 250万的石油和天然气资产,由46%提高了公司的储量



Acquisition of Hondo Oil & Gas for $122 million sets the stage for a series of major acquisitions in the years to come.



Larry and John Nichols
Devon founded by John Nichols and his son Larry.